When nothing else seems to work between you and your partner, children, coworkers or siblings…

Ironing out your differences in a safe and healthy environment can mean emotional stability as you move forward with your life. The outcome isn’t necessarily just about property and money. The outcome also should be about understanding, accepting and reaching a mutually satisfactory agreement without constant fighting.

Marc Miller Mediation can:

Provide a safe environment for all discussions
Open the door to undiscovered methods of communication between all parties
Help settle disputes without going to court

We’ll help you move forward and rebuild your life.

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Marc Miller has a Ph.D. in Psychology from Adelphi University. He has completed the Mediation Intensive Training Program at The Center for Mediation in Law (New York City) and the Basic Training in Divorce Mediation program at The Center for Mediation and Training (New York City), where he also participated in the Practicum Program. He is a member of the NY State Council on Divorce Mediation.

He also is a CDC Certified Divorce Coach®; as a divorce coach he collaborates with other divorce professionals (including attorneys, divorce mediators, accountants and other financial specialists) to help divorcing clients navigate the emotional challenges of getting divorced, with optimal results for them and for their children.

Marc Miller is President of MLM Coaching & Consulting, LLC, which provides executive coaching to executives, managers, professionals, and business leaders, and also consults with organizational leadership teams to improve employee engagement and create great places to work.

He has earned a Professional Coaching Certificate from the Professional Coaching Program at the Zicklin School of Business, Baruch College, CUNY and iCoachNewYork. As a professional coach, he holds the credential of Associate Certified Coach (ACC) awarded by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

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Dr. Marc Miller

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He is certified in administering and interpreting the MBTI, the DISC and Motivators assessments, and the Core Values Inventory©, and is a Value Added Associate (authorized distributor) of Target Training International, Inc.

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As individuals, sometimes our relationships with others become challenging and difficult to deal with, and can lead us toward the brink of personal or professional catastrophe. You may need help moving through the crisis and going forward.

Marc Miller is trained to identify the bumps and possible alternatives, and help bring  the involved parties to a place of understanding, resolution and closure. Whether you’re approaching a divorce, have strained or irreconcilable differences with business associates, or need help mending family disputes, we’re here to guide you through.

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Divorcing is seldom easy, especially where children are involved. Marc Miller’s goal is to bring about the emotional well-being of everyone in the family.

Divorce mediation is almost always a better option than adversarial divorces, as long as the two parties can sit in the same room and be civil to one another.

As a skilled and sensitive mediator, Marc will facilitate the process of helping you and your spouse sit together to find the best solutions for everyone involved.

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When siblings, parents and adult children or relatives face conflicts that threaten the ties that bind them, Marc can help reopen lines of communication that can restore and improve your family’s relationships.

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You and your business partner(s) have invested time, money and trust in developing your company, but ongoing discord may now threaten your partnership(s) and your company’s future.

Family-owned businesses can present particularly challenging dilemmas for those involved, with not only the business’ future but also the family’s future at stake.

A series of difficult events may have forced you to question whether it’s still possible to resolve the disagreements amicably. Can you remain business partners or must you part ways?

Mediation can help clarify the issues and can be a much better option than either continuing to be miserable at work or pursuing a “final” solution via litigation.



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Marc Miller Mediation can help you and your partner develop a healthy level of communication when reconciliation is not a plan.

Divorce doesn’t have to devastate kids—but that largely depends on the choices made by the parents about how they get divorced.

Your kids will be the greatest beneficiaries, and you’ll know that you did it the best way possible, when you choose mediation, and the right mediator.

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Divorce mediation is totally different from the typical adversarial approach to divorce, where attorneys fight it out for their clients, at great cost to everyone involved, both financially and emotionally.

Unlike many other divorce mediators who are mostly focused on hammering out the details of a divorce agreement in a strictly “business-like” manner, we are also very sensitively attuned to the emotional process: the way important details get discussed and resolved is as important as what gets decided.

We strive to make sure that each party feels understood, recognized and satisfied with the results – for yourselves and for your children.

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Helping You Open the Channels of Communication

We also believe that the divorce mediation process should provide an opportunity for divorcing parents to learn how to communicate more amicably and productively with each other.

Divorced parents who have been able to communicate, compromise, and collaborate on their divorce agreement, with the help of their divorce mediator, are prepared to communicate, compromise, and collaborate with their ex-spouse when decisions have to be made about their children as they grow up. Major disagreements are less likely to develop, and the need to rush back to lawyers (or even the mediator) to “solve” the problem is avoided. This ensures much less emotional upset and much better post-divorce outcomes for their children, and for themselves.

As parents, you either will be able to work out mutually agreeable decisions to resolve the inevitable conflicts that arise over time, or you will face repeated episodes of conflict and discord, over and over, into the future, until your children are grown up (and even beyond). Allow Marc Miller to help you reach the best divorce agreement possible, not only for now but also well into the future.

Marc Miller Mediation can:

  • Provide a safe environment for divorce discussions
  • Help resolve disputes in a productive manner
  • Identify the patterns of unhealthy interactions and facilitate more productive interactions
  • Break through communication barriers between divorcing partners
  • Assist in outlining your choices and consequences so you can arrive at the best solutions for you and your children as you move forward with your lives


Adult siblings, Parents & Adult Children, Children

Family members sometimes reach communication impasses which can result in major interpersonal discord and estrangement if the people involved do not come together to repair the damage and reach an amicable reconciliation.

This often happens in response to family crises, such as when parents are elderly and require extra care, when an elderly parent or other family member dies, when a family has the added stress of caring for a special needs child or other disabled member, or in the aftermath of a divorce.

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Adult siblings, Parents & Adult Children, Children

Mediation sessions provide every family member with the chance to express his or her feelings and needs in a safe, respectful, and open atmosphere.

Feeling “heard” is essential to finding common ground with other family members in reaching solutions that best serve everyone; the mediator serves as the model that allows this positive process to happen.

As an emotionally-attuned professional mediator, Marc Miller helps family members:

  • listen to each other
  • reestablish the lines of communication
  • rebuild the trust needed to find the fairest and most mutually acceptable solutions
  • strengthen family ties


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Businesses are made up of people. This means that occasional disagreements are inevitable. Communication is essential to resolve disagreements, but communication can become increasingly difficult when issues are not attended to in a positive manner: disagreements can fester into resentments, and unresolved disputes between partners or between key staff members can undermine the viability of the entire company.

When these kinds of situations become entrenched, a neutral, professional mediator can help the disputing parties come together and reestablish a process of positive communication and find compromises that everyone can live with.

How do we help do this?

Identify communication barriers and work towards construction communication.

Determine your common goals and build a healthy dialogue between all parties to ensure everyone is on the same page.

We become the needed catalyst to help resolve disputes within your company—without resorting to drastic measures like dissolving partnerships or taking the litigation route.

Family-Owned Business

Family-owned businesses can present particularly great challenges. Members of the family who also run the company can fall into dysfunctional patterns of relating to one another…patterns that threaten not only the success of the company but can also tear families apart.

Intergenerational conflicts and conflicts between siblings are all too typical within family owned businesses. Finding the common ground even in the midst of disputes sometimes requires a a mediator equipped with a real knowledge of family dynamics.
Mediation can be the answer for you and/or your family members.

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